Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Almost Done!

I'm sitting at my desk at work with, count 'em, TWO partially-made gifts next to me. I'm at a loss on where/when to work on them since EJ's home in the evenings now (shift change yesterday) and they're for him. I'm hoping to get some work on them during my lunch break...if I take one!

Since the end is So Close now (just need to start wrapping...ugh!) I'm responding to a meme posted over at SewMamaSew, a great site where I got a lot of inspiration for my handmade things this year (I'll post pics once 1) they're given and 2) I find that *#@&%! cord for my camera).

Do you have a favorite gift that you love to give?
I like giving handmade stuff (obviously!)...socks are a big one for me.
If you’re making gifts this year, what are you making?
I would say 90% of my gift list this year is handmade; there are a couple people on my list who simply don't appreciate handmade stuff so I've bought them...books. Lots of knit, and a few fabric, gifts this year.
Do you have any good stories about handcrafted gifts you’ve given or received? If good means "happy", then my happiest stories happen every year, when EJ opens whatever I've made and immediately puts it on, or carries it around to show off. Our first year together I made him a duct tape wallet and he spent all of the Holidays showing it off to his friends...and they said "That is the coolest thing I've seen!" and, of course, "Where did you get it?" And he would point at me and they would proclaim me "The coolest girlfriend ever!" LOL Oh, and he started carrying a wallet *because* it was handmade for him (it's in tatters now and he won't let me fix it).

If by good you mean "indicative of why handmade is not for everyone", there was a year I made a beautiful beaded necklace for a friend: shopped endlessly for the right beads, learned a new technique, spent a week working on it, packaged it, etc. And the day I gave it to her she was over the moon...until she looked a me and said, "Did you *make* this?" (I thought she was impressed). I said, "Yes!" And she threw it down on the table like it was diseased. I was sad, and she was ultimately a s#%tty friend.
Name one thing on your personal wish list. Besides "people caring about and getting along with one another", I really want someone to buy me sock yarn. It won't happen, but I can keep wishing!

What is your favorite family holiday tradition?
Going out for sushi LOL
What do you love most about the holiday season? All the decorations, being able to handmake things and give them with joy, and fellowship with my friends and family.
What do you like least about the holiday season? How petty and selfish people can be at this time of year.
What is your favorite holiday food? EJ's Cowboy Cookies that he makes every year; it's the only Xmas treat I can eat that is sugar-free (he makes them special for me). It's a closely-guarded family recipe so don't expect me to share it! I also really enjoy stuffing.

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