Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Brief Update

I have discovered and connected with (mostly) family on other social media outlets, which is why this space has been so quiet. (also my life is fairly boring still)

I have plans to update with completed projects (there are quite a few!) but chances are I will really update when I have giftmas stuff to post about...since I don't want the recipients to see them prematurely on FB/Instagram/wherever.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Last Weekend

Last weekend (well, Thursday - Saturday night) I 'worked' the Glendale Quilt Show (in Pasadena).


Lots of loading, setting up, fluffing fabric, craft-chatting, shopping, coffee drinking, boxing up, carrying, unloading, tetris-ing the load for travel. Very little sleeping (but it was fun and worth it!)


I topped the weekend off with a late-night Pi Day dinner with EJ.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sew Your Stash Challenge - DONE!

I'm participating in a stash-using challenge I found on Instagram (separate post to come, long needed since it started in January LOL); I've participated in both challenges so far, and for this one we are to link up on the organizer's blog, hence this post :)

For February/March, we had one month to complete a project out of any type of precut fabrics. I didn't think I had anything, then dug a bag project MIL had given to me about two years ago (stupidly, this week I was going through my underbed storage and found an entire QUILT's worth of precuts-and-pattern that I had forgotten about. Again, it was a gift, but I could have knocked that bad boy out of my stash had I remembered it!)

I made the "Santa Barbara" bag, designed by A Quilter's Dream; I'm pretty sure MIL picked up the pattern and "Dream Pack" of fat quarters (their term, not mine!) at some quilt show somewhere.


I will say the pattern was pretty straight-forward. It would have gone a little easier if I had paid attention to the directions regarding the strips for the front - I assumed they were both the same width, but the background fabric was to be cut 1/4 inch larger. I realized this after I had cut everything out, and of course I didn't want to use the FQs I'd planned for the the lining to be the background (not enough contrast) and of course I couldn't stash dive (assuming I would be working outside the precut part and thus disqualify myself from winning some lovely prize).


It was helpful that there were illustrations - much much easier for me to figure out how everything fit together rather than just reading directions (step by step words are included in the pattern as well). I think that's partly a function of my learning style, and partly that sometimes people aren't the most clear or best technical writers.

So my bag is about 2 inches smaller than it 'should' be, but is plenty roomy for my everyday carrying needs (not pictured: my knitting bag fits in the top with no problem; and my fullsized Moleskine also fits in :) ) I also made the straps longer so I can carry it over my shoulder - I'm not a handbag gal.


And its definitely been put to use since I finished it two weekends ago - so glad that I got this stash project busted!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP it Wednesday


Once a year I crochet a blanket. This one is AWESOME!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I am:

Listening: to a Motown/funk station on Pandora

Doing: reading and petting cats

Eating/Drinking: pre-workout snack: openfaced PB&J

Wearing: sweats, tanktop, glasses, slippersocks, two cats

Feeling: relaxed :)

Weather: off and on cloudy/raining; right now its sunny

Wanting: to start a new knitting project

Needing: to finish a sewing project :)

Thinking: in the 'now' (for now!)

Enjoying: going at my own pace today

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015